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Our Approach

We believe anyone who goes to court intends to win.  Not every case in clear in the eyes of the court.  You might go in thinking you'll easily walk out with your settlement.  You might not expect there will be a defense but you couldn't be more wrong.  Defense lawyers, especially those paid by insurance companies can be ruthless.  They will use every possible angle to take the responsibility from the offender and place it on you.  You need the best possible attorney and the only way to get that is to study them before hiring them.

Our Story

This all started when I was called into Jury Duty last year.  There was a plaintiff who had suffered life changing injuries and and the defense representing the defendant's insurance company.  The case seemed as though there could be no defense.  The plaintiff had been walking her dog along side the edge of the road when the defendant ran into her with his truck.  He continued driving along as if nothing had happened until he reached a neighboring house.  Not realizing he had hit anyone he started up conversation with the neighbor telling them he thinks he hit their mail box.  The neighbor who was outside doing yard work had actually seen the whole thing.

If there were ever a case where you would have thought there was no chance in the world for a defense this was it.  But, I learned as a juror in the case that my ideal world view was about the be challenged over the next three days.

I'll conclude by telling you the plaintiff did in fact win her case but it was due to the good hard work of her expert attorney.  The defense threw every twist into the case you could imagine and there were times when some of the jurors started leaning towards awarding the case to the defense.

If you really deserve and need to win your case than you need to hire a lawyer you know can get the job done.  You don't get a second chance.

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